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Say bubye to RSU, RSI, Time, Free Flow and Sempoi


Tepat jam 5.00pm tadi… MBMB beserta unit polis bantuan “menyerang” deretan RSU, RSI, Time, Free Flow dan Sempoi.

Apa ke jadahnya mereka buat kat sana? Gambar-gambar berikut menceritakan segalanya

Hack Attack Challenge 2006


Hack Attack:
Hack Attack is a web-based hackgame testing players in their knowledge of Web security. There are 3 levels in total and each one of them has their own security flaw caused by bad programming and misconfigurations. Players have to find these so called flaws and exploit them to gain access to the next level using only a web browser.

Open Hack:
Open Hack is a real server break in where we provide a server rigged with holes and misconfigurations for players to test their hacking skills. The aim of the game is for the player to find a way into the server and gain root privilidges. Once he/she has root, the player will need to run a script that will replace the server’s index page with the player’s info, acknowledging the player as the sole winner. The server is purposedly misconfigured. The player should look for the obvious & non-obvious clues, it’s everywhere.

Open Hack Winner
Nik Muhammad Izwan Nik Mohd Kamel (1051109727) from FIT (Software Eng.)

Hack Attack Winner

Hack Attack 2006 and Install Fest


Dear all,

Linux Special Interest Group will be organizing Hack Attack 2006 and an Install Fest. Below are the details of the events:

Hack Attack Challenge 2006
Date: 24th – 26th March 2006 (In conjunction with Tech Time 2006)
Time: Between 10.00am to 6.00pm
Venue: Exam Hall

For details about this event, please visit http://security.linuxsig.net

Install Fest
Date: 25th March 2006
Time: Between 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: Unix Lab

If you are interested to participate in the Install Fest, please http://install.linuxsig.net for more information.

For inquiries, please send them to

Have a nice day.
Thank you


Linux SIG,
IT Society,
Multimedia University,
Melaka Campus