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Yahoo! Phishing Alert !!


If you receive any link starting from http://www.geocities.com that recuire you to login, PLEASE DO NOT login. It will email your login ID and password to the stupid damn ass script’s owner. How to know either it is a phishing site or not?

1) Look at the URL. If it is a real Yahoo! login screen, the URL will start with http://login.yahoo.com/config/login

2) Make sure there is no frame at the right side of your screen.

4 Responses to Yahoo! Phishing Alert !!

  1. hey nan..masalah phising maken menjadi2 laa…

  2. wah hahaha… yawn! aku dah kena tipu!! wah haha…!!
    no wonder ym aku kena hack… tapi takpe… ada back up =P
    ingat diorang ni aku bodoh? wah hahaa!!!

  3. fuhhh… patut aa ari tu ada orang cuba nak sign in YM aku… tapi naseb baek id aku tak best.. dia tak hack.. keh keh keh~ xP

  4. it gud to be nobody..

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