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Summary of LAMP Class

LinuxSIG : LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP) Class

Topic : LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP) Class

Date : 2006-09-16

Time : 2:00 PM

Venue : CLCR2002

Speaker : feiming and ronin84

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Summary of Intro to Linux Class

pendek kate… Ok lah… siap bertambah tambah kerusi.. muahahah.. btw.. gurls ramai gile

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Linux SIG : Intro to Linux Class

Title : Intro to Linux

Date : 14 Sept. 2006

Time : 8pm

Venue : Digital Image Processing Lab (FIST Building)

Speakers’ profile : Mr. Ibrahim Yusof
A FIST Lectuer who strongly support LinuxSIG and the Open Source movement.He also have alot knowledge of Linux distribution.

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Who’s going

Do you still remember the RUMAH BURUK near to the back gate of MMU?