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Howto install Windows Media Player 11 on pirated Windows XP


Now lets kick Bill Gate’s ass again…

I’ll make it easy this time… just follow these 5 steps

1) Download WPA_registry.zip and Windows Media Player 11 setup file

2) Extract WPA_registry.zip and run WPA_registry.reg

3) Now only you run Windows Media Player 11 setup file

4) Plot an X sign on Bill Gate’s ass

5) And finally, kick his ass!

P/S :- Step 3 is actually the final step. Thank you

148 Responses to Howto install Windows Media Player 11 on pirated Windows XP

  1. adnan skang “paksa” orang pakai + support pirated stuffs..
    nan.. ko jadi tauke kedai cetak rompak la lagi baguih!

  2. tengkiu 4 this info. Saper yg rela nak beli OS ori kan?

  3. thanks buddy

  4. thanks a lot sir!

  5. Himanshu Pushkarna

    Wow It’s amazing…It’s working realy

  6. Thanks! You fucking rock! that was way too easy… TAKE THAT BILL GATES YOU TYRANNICAL FUCK!!!

  7. cheers man fuck bill

  8. fucking awesome dude u rock stick a pole in bill gates ass

  9. Bill gates is an ass hole ,this is just as easy as activating vista is i have a pirated vista ultimate on one of my pcs



  12. hey buddy thanks very much.. you are our robin hood of today

  13. Hey mann…..thnx a lot…bin tryin 2 do dis fr weeks now!!!

  14. heinrich mulenbaumer

    thanks a lot! does this only works for mediaplayer or also for other downloads ?

  15. Thnkx Allot!!!!!!!!

  16. superb!!it’s really work..may God bless u bro..can i apply it to format my laptop with new xp version?

  17. mie amou: should be no problem

  18. Negodnicata

    10q a lot 🙂 kiss

  19. excellen!!!! thanks for this help…


  21. Hello!

    I did exactly as you have wrote but it didn’t work. The installations starts with a question about validation… 🙁

  22. I also want do do step 4 and 5…lolz

    THANX MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. very good you are amazing.great dude.yes i will do that

  24. great job buddy , you have no idea how long i looked for legitlib.dll_CRACKED.rar and always fake links or signup sites!!

    Great job thanks alot

  25. this is great…smooth & easy..thnx hermanos.

  26. owesome thanku very very very much

  27. hey man the WPA_registry.reg cant be opened..

  28. tried.. should be no problem

  29. hey man i cant extract the WPA_registry.zip..
    what am i gonna do?

    please help..

  30. please help me..

    i want to run this thing on my computer..

  31. i’ve re-upload the zip file. please try again. and if still fail, please use winrar or 7zip to extract it

  32. thanks bro..

  33. I did exactly as you have wrote but it didn’t work. The installations starts with a question about validation…

  34. sorry Harsh, i do not have windows machine to verify it now.. maybe others can help

  35. I did exactly as you have wrote but it didn’t work. The installation starts with a question about validation… plz advice me another way…..

  36. sorry.. i’m no longer booting (using) windows 😉

  37. hey buddy…. hopefully u gave the right thing to use…. but the problem is i’m using WINDOWS XP DARKLIGHT…. So, while i try to install WMP11, thn it says tht my WINDOWS is not genuine…. still after using ur registry code it says the same fucking thing…. Is there anyother way to install WMP11 in the OS????

  38. psyco: sorry.. never heard about WINDOWS XP DARKLIGHT before. tested and working fine with normal XP SP0, SP1, SP2. Havent test it with SP3

  39. Hey, i tried this and worked fuckin perfectly. thanks mate.
    i’m running Windows XP SP2, unzipped with winrar 🙂
    Thanks again.

  40. You rock buddy
    Proceed in the same way n make us rockin’ all the way

  41. how 2 validate ma Xp pirated version…pls help me out

  42. @ashish
    Download http://mirror.xanda.org/Xanda_Windows_License_Bluff.zip and run Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool.exe

  43. Hi , I can not download your WPA_registry.zip , it stop at 3Kb every time , help me please

  44. how to run : run WPA_registry.reg or Xanda_License_Bluff.reg

    when I try to run regedit ; it show me that other is in use this program

  45. @Jirawad
    i believe, both will work

    “it show me that other is in use this program” <= i'm not so sure on this.. maybe you can try reboot ur machine

  46. For those who are getting the validation screen after running the WPA file, just hit validate. Mine did not validate before, but after the reg file, Media Player 11 Validates. XP Pro SP3

  47. And great job BTW, Thanks Much!!!

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