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Howto install Windows Media Player 11 on pirated Windows XP


Now lets kick Bill Gate’s ass again…

I’ll make it easy this time… just follow these 5 steps

1) Download WPA_registry.zip and Windows Media Player 11 setup file

2) Extract WPA_registry.zip and run WPA_registry.reg

3) Now only you run Windows Media Player 11 setup file

4) Plot an X sign on Bill Gate’s ass

5) And finally, kick his ass!

P/S :- Step 3 is actually the final step. Thank you

148 Responses to Howto install Windows Media Player 11 on pirated Windows XP

  1. its really great man

  2. thanx wrrry much!!! 🙂

  3. @Sembb
    no problem.. human knowledge belongs to the world

  4. not working

  5. its very good the solution thank

  6. Thank you xanda

    It works!

  7. Not Working.

  8. This makes me go through the validation process!!! Surely this is NOT a good idea.

  9. @Dave
    heh.. try it on your vmware first if you dont trust the howto 😉

  10. wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu
    this is the name of the file i downloaded
    where is bill gates

  11. thnxxx man…..U RULE!!!!!

  12. superb man and also thanks a lot it really works

  13. it”””s nice,thanxxxxxxxx,hey i want internet explorer8 for pirated xp,,,is there any way plese tell meeeeeeee

  14. hey …….its not workin man….

  15. installing now.. 😀 thanx man…

  16. Wow! Thanx! This works perfect! haha…success is a beautiful thing!

  17. one question…after i use the registry crack…will the wga validation tool consider my xp genuine?

  18. @Justin
    yes.. but until you restart you computer only 🙂

  19. ok…yeah i had to learn the hard way…i ran the wga tool and it said my copy was not genuine so i had to edit the registry again to remove the wga notifier…ugh

  20. huoooo


  21. perfect man thx

  22. MAN I LUV
    To Ppl Who Can’t Do It:You Just Click On Your Media Player 11,And Click In Validate,And Click In The File.

  23. Thanks!! Works greatly. And yes press “Validate” button – ur copy is “legal” while that registery file made some changes to registery 🙂

  24. Thanks so much for the workaround on the wmp11 ben trying for along time to F microsoft in the butt…..Works great on my end keep up the good work and again thanks….

  25. thanks lot mate….

  26. @xanda
    someone could have said before -.-

  27. where is Extract WPA_registry.zip and run WPA_registry.reg

  28. amazing man amazig. . . . .

  29. @varun
    but guys it’s not working on my PC.. 🙁

  30. Thanks man! works fine!

  31. Nehil vasuwal

    Superb thanx.
    i hv been looking for this solution.

  32. dummmmmb222222

    ur shit sucks kid

  33. @dummmmmb222222
    why? because u cant install it? ask ur grandma to suck ur balls 😉 we’ve tried it, we’ve installed it.. u phailed, dont blame others

  34. thanks. hope it works!

  35. thank you… now my WMP is working again. before that always asking for validate due to my piracy window.huhu~ thnks again… ^^

  36. Great Help. how can i contact you to give thanks

  37. @D. Mitra
    how[underscore]to[underscore]crack [at] yahoo [dot] com

  38. Muhammad Akbar


  39. thnx a lot man

  40. Can u explain it in easy language and send on my e-mail id. I will be grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank You

  41. @Pappu
    no problem..

    LOL.. will do

  42. sarabjit singh

    hey you rock man its great

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