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Optimize Your Download Speed

If you are on Windows XP SP2, please start from step 1. Else, start from step 4

1) Download patch for TCP/IP (Windows XP SP2 only). [mirror]

2) Run EvID4226Patch.exe

3) Just press Cancel on any Windows warning message

* My recommandation for Half open connection (limit) is 50 to 100.
* For Dewa Hamurabbi Trang Tung Tang’s level of optimization, Half open connection = [ upload speed Kbitsps / 2 ] P/S:- USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

4) Download TCPOptimizer. [mirror]

5) Slide the Connection Speed to your speed ( eg: 1024 kbps – Warning! Don’t go above your speed! )

6) Select Optimal Setting at the bottom right, apply the changes, exit and restart

Feel the different after reboot. If your connection is still at the same speed, buy a faster connection…!!

Speedometer test
Credit :- SpeedGuide, LvlLord and Zaid (hahah ade name ko zaid.. hahaha)


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