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Make your Windows XP 100% Genuine


OMG!! i think Mr Bill Gate will love me… this time… 100% Genuine copy of Windows XP…

  1. Download Xanda Windows License Bluff [mirror]
  2. Unzip and run Xanda Windows License Bluff.reg
  3. Run Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool.exe to check either the crack process is succeed or not.

Finish!! now you can run windows update and keep your windows up to date 😉

p/s :- keep Xanda Windows License Bluff.reg with you. maybe you will need it later

23 Responses to Make your Windows XP 100% Genuine

  1. giler ah ko..mesti kene tikam ngan bill gates nnt..ngahahaha..

  2. cool!

  3. aku pakai windows ori la wey ~ LoL~ xP

  4. nak report kat pakcik bill gates pasal Xanda Windows License Bluff tu..

  5. how_to_crack: kalau berjaya nanti jangan lupe tinggalkan testi kat comment tu ok 😉
    how_to_crack: what?
    sardine fish: :>
    sardine fish: kalo tak jaya?
    how_to_crack: you sunat i sekali lagi

  6. so sesiape yg tak berjaya Genuine-fy windows ciplak korang ngan Xanda Windows License Bluff tu leh sunat dier gau gau.. wakakakakaka~

  7. woih..giler arr ko..pasni leh panggil ko NAN GATES..wahahaha

  8. hahahaha…. berape kali nak sunat daa?

    aku rase Xanda Gates lagi best

  9. tunggu sunat arr hang..

    bill gates name dier copyright lah..
    msian style sket..
    Xanda Pagars

    amik tu~

  10. tak best la pagar. hahahha…

  11. erm… maybe i found some bug here… maybe you guys should keep Xanda Windows License Bluff.reg

    maybe you will need it later

  12. bug? mane mane ?

  13. laaa… lps restart je genuine validation status jadik invalid product key. jgn windows aku jd bengong lps ni dah.

  14. yerp.. lepas restart jadi macam asal balik.. tapi windows tak bengong 😉 ye la.. kalo nak jadi Mr or Mrs Perfect… beli je Windows Ori tak pun move to Linux 😉

  15. GG to all students

  16. Basically.. we dont play this kind of thing.. we play DOTA so that we can own ppl..u know that?? what im trying to say is.. i also dunno what im trying to say.. GG to all student

  17. lol, wtf?
    tetiba sesat mana DotA..

    hurm… probably this…
    no windows, no dota… kan? XD

  18. its not wrking, shows geographically blocked pid

  19. thanks man, it works. 1337

  20. Stops working after a reboot.

  21. @ronL
    create a bat file, put it in your startup folder 🙂

  22. Fuck you! This is awesome! Thanks! trolololololololol :))

  23. wow it’s work, thank’s bro

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