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GENbunTOO 2006.1-6.06 LTS


Xanda proudly present you…

GENbunTOO 2006.1-6.06 LTS (Gentoo + Ubuntu)

” GENbunTOO, we emerge! not apt-get! “

[larger image]

4 Responses to GENbunTOO 2006.1-6.06 LTS

  1. waaaahhhh….terror gila laa!! heheh jom jom buat server sendiri…then bleh buat distribution!! hehehe ….:P

  2. ecehh.. laju jerk farah puji…. hahahhahaha

  3. lmbt giler aku wat comment niehh.. hahahahha.. menarik gak bende niehh..

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