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Ubuntu 7.04


“The Ubuntu team is proud to announce version 7.04 of the Ubuntu family of distributions. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution for your desktop or server, with a fast and easy install, regular releases, a tight selection of excellent software installed by default, an incredible variety of add-on software available with a few clicks, and professional technical support from Canonical Limited and hundreds of other companies around the world.”

Read the release announcement, check out the release notes and visit the Feisty Tour page for detailed information about Ubuntu 7.04

3 Responses to Ubuntu 7.04

  1. ubuntu, OS pilihan amna. Im upgrading from edgy.

  2. semalam ubuntu.com kene hammer… tgk kat linuxsig.net aku ade post

  3. a’ah, aku tgh mengupdate time tu. failed. terpaksa tunggu 2 jam baru ok.

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