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Welcome home Gentoo!


Welcome home Gentoo! See you next time ‘apt-get’

After almost 1 day compiling (emerging), finally my Gentoo
2007.0 is ready! It would be the base of my FYP. Hehehe… Here are some
screenie :-

6 Responses to Welcome home Gentoo!

  1. No Use For A Name down there.. nice..

    p/s: i like green 😀

  2. erk?? base of my FYP? uwaaa :((

  3. ok..I’m such a loser…:P

  4. haha.. lol.. farah merajuk..

    FYP base? woo! tak sabar nak tau ko nyer title!

  5. maybe live forensic distro…

    ape2 pun aku nak focus kat project aku ngan najib nie.. tapi tak official lagi…

    1) Gentoolaris
    2) Pendrive virus remover

  6. mari adik kakak, mari mari, lelong murah. gentoo laris. gentoo laris. borong makcik, borong pakcik.

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