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Petrol, a burden? Try NGV


A Natural Gas vehicle is one that is powered by Natural Gas; either in compressed or liquefied form, rather than the traditional petrol or diesel fuel. These vehicles offer an extremely clean, safe and efficient alternative to traditional transportation. In Malaysia, this trend is on the rise, and is seen as a common option for many city taxis. Refueling stations are also on the rise, and are mainly operated by Petronas Berhad.

As on date the price of petrol in Malaysia is RM 1.92 per liter and the price of NGV Gas is RM 0.68. There is a clear difference of 65 % between the two fuels.

So,the simplest way to calculate the amount of money that you can save by converting your vehicle to NGV is to multiply the amount of money that you spend on petrol by 65 %.

For example ,if you spend around RM 500 on petrol every month, then you save RM 325 (500 x 65 %) per month on your fuel bill. For every year you save RM 3900 (325 x 12).

Unlike petrol, you need not replace your engine black oil very frequently. So you also save money on the oil cost when you run on NGV. You also save 25 % on the Road Tax !

Over 4 million vehicles around the world that are now using Natural gas. Being proven as safe, economical and clean source of fuel, the conversion of a petrol powered vehicle to NGV is a very simple procedure that takes 2 days (carburetor engines) to 1 week (for fuel injection V6 engines).

Make your move now. I dont want to promo any workshop, so go and google yourself and I’m sure you will found a suitable workshop. Now you can travel 200 KM with only RM8

5 Responses to Petrol, a burden? Try NGV

  1. despite it would b able to save a lot of money…there’s several weekness of NGV

    1. car will loss power
    2. NGV tank is heavy….burden ur car engine to work xtra
    3. required sm extra space if u intention to erh ubah suai ur car (wat is ubahsuai in english anyway? =P)
    4. petrol station with NGV is limited…if u intended to use it..well then later u hv to q with taxi drivers who use NGV when u wanna refueling ur NGV gas….ok…the q is extremely long….smtimes u hv to wait for hoursssss~~~so stupid…haih….smmore not all states got NGV station…imagine in Johor alone only got 2 or 3 petrol station with NGV gas…

    conclusion? i wont bother to change it…hahaha…unless GOVERMENT push those all petrol station to install NGV gas on their petrol kiosk…. =P

  2. owh…when i said hours, i meant it….taxi’s driver claims dat they need to q up to…hurm..more than 1 hour just for a sake of refueling NGV gas…wtf?

    when i pass by petrol station with NGV pump at jb, i always saw at least 10 taxi’s car q up for a NGV gas…no matter wat day it is…wat time it is…it always more than 10 taxis….

    now now…r u willing to convert ur car into NGV? =P

  3. 1) loss power? cuma kurang pickup je.. top speed sama.. so kalau nak naik genting ke… tuka ke petrol mode. just 1 button je

    2) NGV tank is heavy? duh! ko bawak faezah pun berat. hehehehe

    3) required sm extra space. biasenye dalam boot. tu memang tak dinafikan

    4) kurang ngv station? kena tunggu lama? pakai je petrol balik. even workshop pun akan saran kan untuk penggunaan petrol untuk sekali sekala untuk mengelakkan masalah tangki dan karburator.

    list of ngv station : http://www.mymesra.com.my/index.php?ch=mmc_pns_misc&pg=mmc_pns_misc_miscs&ac=36&tpt=mmc

    berita baik dari kerajaan : http://besonline.rtm.net.my/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=67662&mode=mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

  4. hahaha…

    1. kurang pickup = loss poweer sama laa…tak syok laa…nak laju lmbt….hahahaha…

    2. =.=” tong ngv 50kg kan? haha…takde laa…bwk faezah da berat…da letak tong lagi…lagi laa berat…wahahahah….knapa ko sebut nama faezah ni? =))

    3. tak bleh buat apa…space boot hilank sket….

    4. haha…kalao pakai petrol balk…apa point kita tukar ngv? hahaha…

    well..pada aku ngv sesuai kalau nak guna dkt bandar jer…jimat…especially kalo trafic jam kan…hehehe…

  5. apara kau org ni…………rasa-rasa yang cakap tak bagus pakai ngv ni, org yang tak pakai ngv…
    pedulikan dia org..semua dia orang tau…tapi ngok..
    mengata proton, tapi tak pakai proton..cakap pandai..kerja tarak…fasiliti kelas satu, perangai kelas empat

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