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Hacking Network / IP / Internet Camera


We can see a lot of security camera around. Some of the security camera come with built-in support for Power over Ethernet, that make it ideal for indoor or outdoor professional surveillance and remote monitoring applications.

Today I want to teach you how to hack these unsecured network / IP / internet cameras. hahaha.. just follow these steps:

  1. Use google and search for inurl:/view.index.shtml
  2. Google will display result and if you are lucky, you will get the unsecured camera
  3. Now you are able to explore the world. hahahah..

7 Responses to Hacking Network / IP / Internet Camera

  1. used to play it often a yr ago.. cos i found a cam in a zoo~ can c penguins.. kakakaka~ now no more :p

  2. wahh! so 1337 la u… i just knew it yesterday.. hahahahah

  3. alaa.. bende2 camnie jer i pandai.. leh main2 mah..
    cube soh i wat programming.. kakakaka~ x reti dowh~ :p

  4. “cube soh i wat programming.. kakakaka~ x reti dowh~ :p” — serious?

    sila tengok post yang nie :- http://blog.xanda.org/?p=281

    thanks.. hahahaha

  5. kalo ader discount sket i akan outsourcing fr u.. hahahahahahahah~


  6. sure… 10% hahaha

  7. woo.. mmg discount tu sket sgt.. wakakaka~

    jap.. pay 10% jer ker discount 10%?

    kalo pay 10% of the original price only i amik arr..kakaka~

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