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FAQ during interview for UNIX/LINUX system engineer/admin

  1. Explain suid, sgid & sticky bit
  2. What is sudo?
  3. When you create a file in unix, by default what permissions will be applied to it? How do you change this setup?
  4. Journaling filesystem? What is it?
  5. What is /proc?
  6. Explain steps to add new hard disks untill to mirror them
  7. NFS export options/features/security
  8. Autofs – Is it possible to mount the directory without cd into it?
  9. What is stale file handle error in NFS?
  10. What is the difference between UDP and TCP?
  11. How do you list open files?
  12. How to check number of files limit by kernel?
  13. What is the difference between hard and soft mount?
  14. Explain boot process
  15. What is PAM?
  16. What performance monitoring tools do you use?
  17. Explain load average
  18. What is ssh? How to setup trust between accounts/machines?
  19. NIS administration/commands
  20. How to limit certain users accessing certain machines?
  21. How you troubleshoot slow performance?
  22. Jumpstart & kickstart servers & process
  23. Package management for linux & solaris – how to use them?
  24. Solaris mirroring
  25. What is zombie process?
  26. Scripting skills, to automate certain jobs, cron
  27. How do you perform changes on a few machines?
  28. Xwindows options/features/security

[Source : FAQ during interview for UNIX/LINUX system engineer/admin ]

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  1. I want below all these linux system engineers questions answers please send my E-mail address thanks for reading this informations.

  2. i just ‘re-host’ it for nose.hacktic.org.. you can google for the answer.. thats how Gen-Y works 🙂

  3. Abdelrahamn Hegazi

    BTW, googling them will not take longer than 45m 😉

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