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Hacking Network / IP / Internet Camera

We can see a lot of security camera around. Some of the security camera come with built-in support for Power over Ethernet, that make it ideal for indoor or outdoor professional surveillance and remote monitoring applications.

Today I want to teach you how to hack these unsecured network / IP / internet cameras. hahaha.. just follow these steps:

  1. Use google and search for inurl:/view.index.shtml
  2. Google will display result and if you are lucky, you will get the unsecured camera
  3. Now you are able to explore the world. hahahah..

BlueSoleil(Standard) Version Download

I’m bored with BlueSoleil mirror server because of their damn slow connection. So I uploaded it to uberphreak.net so that we can download it in shorter time

Note: Each BlueSoleil version is free downloaded from BlueSoleil.com, and it works. But if your Bluetooth device is not licensed with this version, BlueSoleil will run with 5M DATA limitation. If you want to use it with no limitation, please buy it through the online purchase system, which only takes a few minutes.

BlueSoleil (Standard) Version for Windows XP/2000

File name : BlueSoleil_2.3_standard_Release_060728.zip
File size : 27,602kb
Version : 2.3
Language : Multilingual

[Download here]