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Last week = Gizmo week (Part 2)


7th December 2007, since my notebook is dead. And I’ve been cheated by a stupid Pakistanese regarding the motherboard, so i just simply buy a brand new with super duper cheap price notebook. It is MSI VR320X-021 MY

Intel Core Duo T2450 Processor
(2.0GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 667FSB)

120GB SATA (5400RPM)


ATI Radeon X200M 128MB PCIE

13.3″ WXGA Bright LCD

DVDWriter Dual Layer

3 in 1 Card Reader

Built-in 802.11b/g WLAN Card / Bluetooth Supported

Lithium Ion Batery

Weight: 2.2 KG

Guess the price… Hahaha.. It is only RM1950

Kampung Boy Returns :: How to Create (Bola) Bulu Ayam


“Permainan ini dikenali juga sebagai sepak bulu ayam, sebuyam atau chapteh. Dimainkan di luar rumah oleh kanak-kanak lelaki seramai dua atau lebih. Jika terdapat ramai yang bermain, kumpulan dengan terdiri beberapa orang boleh dibentuk.

Permainan ini adalah seperti permainan sepak raga, tetapi bola yang digunakan adalah dari bulu ayam yang telah dibentuk seperti sejambak bunga.” [Source: Bulu Ayam]

Ha… meh koi nak ajor care nak buat bola yang orang gune mase main sepak bulu ayam. Bahan-bahan yang kite perlukan ialah:

  1. Beberapa helai bulu ayam
  2. Selipar jepun lama
  3. Gam
  4. Getah gelang
  5. Pisau dan gunting

Carenye mudoh je… ikut je steps kat bawah nie :-


Announcing the release on CentOS 5.1


Karanbir Singh has announced the release of CentOS 5.1, a Linux distribution built by recompiling the source RPM packages for the recently released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1:

“We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CentOS-5.1 for the i386 and x86_64 architectures. CentOS-5.1 is based on the upstream release 5.1, and includes packages from all variants including Server and Client. All upstream repositories have been combined into one, to make it easier for end users to work with. And the option to further enable external repositories at install time is now available in the installer. This is the first release where we are also publishing a special ‘netinstall’ ISO image that can be used to start a remote install.”

Read this or this release notes for further information.

Download link: i386
Download link: x86_64