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How to Troubleshoot a Canon i450 Printer


Q #1 : I have a Canon i450 printer and I have some problem with it. The printer won’t work and the ready LED is blinking in orange colour. May I know how to fix it?

Q #2 : I want the printer print like a NEW printer can huh?

A #1 : For question 1, follow these steps

Count how many time the LED blink in orange. If 7 times, that means the problem is with the print head

Remove the cover and unlock the print head

Pull out the print head and then put it back in the original position and lock it.

Turn off your printer and turn it on back after that. USUALLY the LED will stop blinking and now you can use it as normal. If it is still not working (blinking), see answer no 2.

A #2 : For question number 2 or if the first answer is not helping, follow these 2 easy steps

Throw it away!

Buy new printer!

P/S : Answer #1 is true for Question #1

8 Responses to How to Troubleshoot a Canon i450 Printer

  1. OMG!!! printer aku tu dah masuk tong sampah rupanya!!

    *[editted by Administrator]*

    but just now I thought I saw the printer in your house….was it a ghost???

  2. head printer canon sgt mahal.

    boleh beli sebuah printer baru! dah la nak beli head kene order…bongok! haha..

    HP rocks!

  3. HP ink pulak mahal… laser printer punk rock!

  4. printer farah ke yg jd model tu :p so, tu dh beli baru la ye farah.

  5. pic yang dalam tong sampah tu sangat membawa membawa pengertian

  6. a’ah…dah beli printer baru…sedih jugak printer lama tu kena buang. Banyak jasanya!! tak per…jasanya dikenang….

  7. lol. bukan baru beli ink kat lowyatt haritu ke?

  8. دمت گرم کیرم تو کونت
    چه راه حل باحالی دادی

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