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Entropy – New Package Management Toolkit for Gentoo-based Distribution


Entropy is described as a package management system that combines the best of Portage, Yum and APT to provide a fast, intuitive and trouble-free solution for Sabayon Linux users. It consists of several tools. The text-mode client called “Equo” was already available in a previous Sabayon Linux release, but the graphical client called “Spritz” is expected to make its first appearance only in version 3.5. Other tools that make up the Entropy kit include “Reagent” and “Activator”, which are server applications.

Equo works in a fashion similar to “apt-get” or “yum” when used in a terminal window. One can update the package database with “equo update” and install a new package with “equo install <package-name>”. There are also commands for managing package repositories, searching for packages or manipulating the installed package database. Just as with Yum, the Equo package database is powered by SQLite, but it also includes a number of interesting features; as an example, one can install multiple packages inside an archive with a single command or convert Sabayon packages so that they become compatible with Gentoo Linux.

Spritz is work in progress. Not much information is available at this time, but the package is already available in the Sabayon Linux repository. A number of screenshots were recently published on the Planet Sabayon blog, showing the user interface, search function and various dialogs that provide package information.

The Spritz package manager (more screenshots available here)

Fabio Erculiani, the founder of Sabayon Linux explains the reasons behind starting Entropy: “I’ve been busy for about 13 months working on it and now we are very close to have something that could really change the way users see a Gentoo-based distribution – the Entropy stack. There are still some secondary things missing, like the package masking interface and the Gentoo Linux Security Advisories (GLSA) interface. Non-free licenses will also pop-up and require users to accept their terms. Another cool thing is that I already implemented an “equo security” interface with the promise of creating an official team and a web page dedicated to security within the next 12 months.”

[Source: Distrowatch]

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  1. can’t wait to try it

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