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Development Release: Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 1


Xanara Rescue CD is in Beta phase now.. Erm.. Overall, I can say that almost 96% of the Operating System part (my part) has been completed and 30% of the applications part (Farah’s part) has been done.

I haven’t upload the ISO yet for Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 1 due to some problem during HALT (shutdown). Enjoy the screenshots first. Hahaha..

Boot Menu

Gnome Splash Screen

Main Desktop

Gnome Menu has been replaced with MintMenu

Updating Anti virus defination

Shutdown Menu

7 Responses to Development Release: Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 1

  1. Xanda + Farah = Xanara eh?
    cam korean celebrity’s punye name pon ade hahahahahahahahaha~
    grats for the almost complete FYP..

    ya da man~

  2. mmg he’s the man pun sardine!! I kalau tak de dia, ntuh ape laa agaknya FYP yg I buat…..

    dia nie bf best…dia buatkan utk gf dia buatkan jugak!! tapi sambil buat tu sambil tu dia ajar I pasal linux…hehe..and I’m proud to say, I mmg need his help with this FYP title…


  3. ya allah!! aper sudah jadik dgn my BM laa….kelam kabut!! hope you paham laa ek? hahaha

  4. dude! awesome! message me when the ISO is online!
    i wanna try it out! =]

  5. Farah: Hahahahaha, i phm bhs tu.. no worries 😛
    yerlah2 show off bf hang tu.. [-(

    so u noe wat to do lah.. syg dier byk2.. lol~

    Nan: say thx to me, later ur farah syg u smp lebam hahaha~

  6. xanara = kisah cinta yg diliteralisasikan dlm bahasa komputer kah?


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