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Another Open Source Project


Have you use Password Manager before?

Last 2 days, I was looking for a password manager.. a web based password manager.. so that it can helps me to organize passwords when ever I’m connected to the internet.

Finally I’ve found W3PW, a web based password wallet manager written in PHP. Users have to enter their key phrase and the information will be encrypted using the key phrase and finally the encrypted information is stored in a MySql Database.

The latest version of the W3PW is 1.40 and the development was stop in April 2005. So, I’ve decided to fork the W3PW into a new project (atas nasihat nzuhdi).

I’ve been working on it for 2 hours and here are the changelogs :-

  • Installation script.
  • Provide GUI to hash (using SHA1) the key phrase before it is stored in the database.
  • Able to directly login to certain website without need to enter username and password over and over again.

But the biggest problem now is… I STILL DON’T HAVE NAME FOR THIS NEW PROJECT! Hahahahah..!

I hope you guys can come out with several suggestions for this new project’s name.

Thank you

16 Responses to Another Open Source Project

  1. easypass 1.0

  2. ProPass 1.0

    eh,nnt org keliru dgn ProPAS..mrh org BN nnt..muahhaha..

  3. kalo boleh nak ade perkataan “web”

    easywebpass macam ok.. ke panjang?

  4. passed away??? olah sket…. ezwebpass

  5. easywebpropassadnanyangbuatpunyepasswordmanager

  6. passed awayy? wohhohoho! =)) gila aku gelak tak hengat dunia!

    kelakar la korunk ni!

    hurm, WebPass?

  7. password senang version 1.0

  8. @3ry3|| : menarik jugak

    @dinz : ko terlupa perkataan hensem

  9. KipasLipas *lari*

  10. menambah dr dinz punya –


    klu ngah, WebNizer.

    but i know what’s ur choice 🙂 a good work. dh. gi study. esok exam!

  11. hensem kene letak ke? tak payah kot…tak kene la…sengal tu, kene la…

  12. eh eh.. banyak cakap pulak… kang ade yang link ke gambar karang… MUAHAHAHAH!!

  13. nzhudi- bunyi macam aficaaan sikit.

  14. ZzZZzz…dia ugut plak…adeh! =P

  15. webEZpass…

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