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Problem in Accessing MMLS


MMLS now is facing problem with their DNS (i think), so those who try to access it from outside campus wont be able to reach the MMLS site.

In order for you to access MMLS before they solve the DNS problem, you need to browse MMLS using the IP,

Thank you


P/S :- You will be able to see the announcement ONLY and not accessing the material for subjects

9 Responses to Problem in Accessing MMLS

  1. shit… once you click the subject… nothing appear… dem!

  2. confirm DNS issue.

    when clicking at subject detail, it will redirect to mmlsmelaka.mmu.edu.my, instead of directory file name.

    Which then again, DNS issue.

    so could not access it anyway, just check out the announcements.

  3. i think it wont work… hahah… sorry

  4. keadaan same spt pagi tadi dan semalam. tp at least leh gak bukak n login .. drpd xleh bukak langsung sekarang ni ..

  5. Server not found

    Firefox can’t find the server

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