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Fakta tentang KENTUT – Part 2


Dulu aku pernah post pasal fakta tentang kentut. Yang nie part 2 pulak

Human Personality identification…

  1. Kurang Jujur- org yg kentut tp menyalahkan org lain
  2. Bengong- org yg thn kentut berjam2
  3. yakin diri- org yg kentut dgn lantang
  4. Sadis_org yg kentut dlm selimut lalu dikibaskan baunya
  5. Strategik- org yg sembnyikan bunyi kentut dgn ketaw kuat2
  6. mysterious-org yg kentut tp xdpt dikesan
  7. gugup- tiba2 kentut apabila disergah
  8. periang-kentut pelan-pelan, pastu senyum sorang2..

Haaa…senyum sorang2 nampak????

[source: nisa nasir]

Problem in Accessing MMLS


MMLS now is facing problem with their DNS (i think), so those who try to access it from outside campus wont be able to reach the MMLS site.

In order for you to access MMLS before they solve the DNS problem, you need to browse MMLS using the IP,

Thank you


P/S :- You will be able to see the announcement ONLY and not accessing the material for subjects

Embed Watermark By Adding Message Pattern in C


Post ini adalah respon kepada post si Izel yang bertajuk “Embed Watermark By Adding Message Pattern in C

Assume that Blind Embedding Algorithm works only in grayscale images. Here we encode only one bit of information, thus m is either 1 or 0. This system employs a single reference pattern, wr, which is an array of pixel intensities with the same size as the cover image. This pattern might be predefined or it might be generated randomly based on a watermark key. The message pattern, wm (which encodes one-bit message, m), is equal to either wr or –wr, depending on whether m = 1 or m = 0 respectively. In the embedder, the message pattern, wm, is scaled by an input parameter,a, to yield the added pattern. The value a controls the trade-off between visibility and robustness of the watermark. Thus the blind embedding algorithm computes the following:

Wm = { wr if m = 1;

{ -wr if m = 0;

wa = α wm;

cw = co + wa

[Source: Izel]

Adeh… kesian aku tengok bebudak nie… code separuh separuh.. Meh aku bocorkan rahsia penuh code tersebut. Lepas nie setiap kali tutorial… aku nak korang ucap thanks kat aku tau sebab kita dah tak yah buat tutorial utk module-module yang lepas2 nie… Sila lah download source code nye