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Hi there, get the latest Estrella’s self-titled album, Estrella. Enjoy their hit song Stay and another two songs that soon gonna be hit as well which are Ternyata and Take It Slow.

You can get it at Tower Records, Rock Corner & Speedy Video at only RM29.90. Please buy the original guy! Support your local scene! How would they survive without your support. Be original and get original!

I’ve got mine and it is ORIGINAL! huhuhu… Get yours now at the nearest Tower Records, Rock Corner or Speedy Video.

[Estrella’s myspace]
[Estrella @ Laguna Music]

5 Responses to Estrella

  1. Mula2 dgr w/o knowing sapa, ingatkan depa ni The Cardigans!~ Sekali local ek, Aiyoh…hebat nih~

  2. bestnya! send kat ngah lagu ternyata!! suka!!

  3. JJ jugak ada…hahaha!! penat je round MP…hehe tapi dapat benda lain kan bie kan..dpt spend time dgn bie dlm kesibukan finals nie *wink*wink*

  4. aku suka lagu stay jer. haha.

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