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World Community Grid


Please join me in helping solve some of humanity’s most significant problems – cure diseases like cancer and AIDS, prepare for natural disasters and reduce hunger. It’s easy, safe and free – and all it takes is your computer and less than 10 minutes of your time!

I participate in World Community Grid, where I donate idle time on my computer to nonprofit research projects. Today, hundreds of thousand of volunteers around the globe are donating processing time when their computers are on but not in use. World Community Grid is using this computing power to conduct research on promising humanitarian projects, reducing research time from years to months. As more and more individuals donate the unused capacity of their computers, World Community Grid will be able to complete more critical research.

You can be part of this exciting work! Become a member of World Community Grid TODAY. To learn more and join, go to World Community Grid’s web site at http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org and download a small software program onto your computer. There’s no simpler way to help change our world for the better.

Thank you and see you on World Community Grid!

Watsons :: Malaysia Mega Sales


Barang yang sempat dicapai tadi kat watson. Cracked heel? actually School tu 2 in 1… aku beli untuk moisturizer.. Hahahah.. Adidas Face Cream tu baru nak cuba.. info kat sini

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Is There Any Multinational Company That Has Internet Connection WORST Than This?


Gentoo Linux 2008.0 released


The 2008.0 final release is out! Code-named “It’s got what plants crave,” this release contains numerous new features including an updated installer, improved hardware support, a complete rework of profiles, and a move to Xfce instead of GNOME on the LiveCD. LiveDVDs are not available for x86 or amd64, although they may become available in the future. The 2008.0 release also includes updated versions of many packages already available in your ebuild tree.