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Facebook :: SQL Injection Vulnerability Found


Yesterday, a friend of mine, YM me and inform me regarding the SQL injection that he found.

After tested, I’ve found that the SQL injection is working and I straight away launch a report to Facebook team… But until now, the vulnerability still haven’t been patched by them.

So , if you are a Facebook user, please change your password 🙂

Another thing about Facebook is.. I hate Superpoke, not bacause of the application, but the Superpokers. Hahaha.. I already block and remove the application from me account..

6 Responses to Facebook :: SQL Injection Vulnerability Found

  1. I rejected all kinds of applications invited by my friends. To me, FB is a mere social network to connect me and and friends. That’s all.

    p/s: Dear, what happen to your English? It sounds lack here and there. You used to be very particular about grammar. Hehe.

  2. and what’s the mysql injection code?

  3. @genius: its no longer works 😉

  4. plz give type of injection!!!


  5. how do you found this with a scanner ?

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