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Here are some tips on how to be a dumbass :-

  1. Dumbasses do have access to the internet, but never use Google or other search engine to look for the solution.
  2. Dumbasses do have phone / organizer / diary / planner, but only draw stupid picture and save things-to-buy list in it.

For more tips, please get yourself the book.


Q: Where can I get the book?

A: Please refer to tips #1


7 Responses to Dumbass

  1. Cynical but couldn’t agree more. That’s so true. Work your ass up before asking stupid questions. That kind of dumbassness is so irritating.

    In other words, do some revision before coming to class/work. That’s how it works to increase one’s intelligence. Otherwise, u’ll annoy people and obviously your stupid questions are not needed and they just portray your dumbness.

    Sorry Nan for being emo here. What u shared is something I wanted to yell out since loooong ago. How I hope that particular people do read yours.


  2. nan, aku terigt seseorg la nan. yg suka bertanya dalam lecture hall. hahaha. demn!

  3. hahahahahahaha… dia?!!!!!


  4. erk… tekadang tu kalo tekena diri sendrik.. pape je la..

  5. eh, sarah terasa ke? bukan sarah la. hahaha.

  6. Salman, bila pulak saya terasa? Hehe. Tu Kaklong la. Bukan Kak Ngah. Huhuhu.

  7. erh. xperasan tu kak long nan. hahahah. malu malu! 😛

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