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Xanda H1N1 Monitoring Page :: Released


Now you can monitor the current statistics of Detected Human Cases for 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak also known as influenza A (H1N1) virus by using Xanda H1N1 Monitoring Page

Visit now at :



  • Live update from Wikipedia page
  • Faster (from Malaysia) [original content fetched by DataKL]
  • ‘Easy’ and ‘nice-to-see’ interface

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2 Responses to Xanda H1N1 Monitoring Page :: Released

  1. Informative and yet covered by disappointment. Disappointment coz you couldn’t go there on time. Hehe.

    Alangkah bagus if you can come out with the latest statistic of Chronic Heart Failure reported in Malaysia according to different causes and make it interactive and attractive like the one you did for Swine Flu. Hihi.

    Semoga misi ke Jepun tak gagal bro!

  2. tu laa…sedihkan dia tak dpt pergi sana…tapi elok jugak, tak terdedah kepada swine flu…huhu…

    JEPUN BEST!! semoga jadi…ameen…

    chronic heart failure tu is it the 3rd highest in Malaysia? huhuhu….

    hurm….MALAYSIA dah detected one case…o-oh!!

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