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Windows Mobile 6.1 5.2.20764 (Build 20764.1.4.3)


Today I’ve updated my HTC to Windows Mobile 6.1 5.2.20764 (Build 20764.1.4.3) and reflash my radio ROM using HTC-Flasher, an open source ROM Update Utility by Pau Oliva Fora or well known as ‘pof’.

I’m so satisfied with:

  1. Fix in memory leaking [thanks to Microsoft]
  2. Fix in battery.dll [thanks to FInixNOver]
  3. Fix in battery drying [thanks to HTC Taiwan]

My machine now is faster and last longer 😉


Q: Why not Windows Mobile 6.5 (beta) stright away?
A: Memory leaking issues

Q: Why use unofficial/cooked/modified ROM?
A: You can custom it to what you want

Q: Why radio ROM can improve signal & battery performence?
A: Radio ROM is something like firmware/drivers for WiFi, bluetooth, GPS & GSM signal to your PocketPC

Q: I have HTC device. Where should I start to learn these?
A: Google & xda-developers

Q: What is the first thing should I do before I flash my ROM?
A: Make sure you have Hard-SPL installed/flashed.

Q: I don’t want to Google, I don’t want to read, I don’t want to learn new stuff. My battery is always dry & my device performence is sux. I want to flash to latest version of OS (Windows Mobile) and radio ROM. How?
A: Lamers just stay with WM6_WWE

13 Responses to Windows Mobile 6.1 5.2.20764 (Build 20764.1.4.3)

  1. Hmm… when can I get one. You know what my handphone is? Samsung X520 je kot. The simplest amongst the simplest! (-_-)

  2. i dont really advice ppl to use HTC unless he/she understand what will she/he get… at some point, HTC banyak prob… in another point of view, HTC banyak help… depends atas penggunaan apa lah

  3. senang cerita not for newbie la yerh nan. hahaha. intermediate erh.

  4. @piju
    jimat battery beb.. 4 hari tahan..

  5. Salam encik…mana nak dapat ROM ni…buat sendri ka?.. ada bagus tak?. buleh saya nak mencuba.. try FLIxnixover tak sampai 5 hari, asyik kene hard reset balik jer…

  6. boleh cari di forum.xda-developers.com/

    FLIxnixover should be ok.. try “format”/clean/clear kan ROM dulu then flash masukkan FLIxnixover semula

  7. dah tgk dah under p3600i..sumer under certain name ROM tu i.e. under FLixnixover ker, necov ke ,ogg ke apa2 lagi ker…

    buleh flash/clean/clear ROM ke…bukan masa kita flashkan bende tu dia akan clean kan ke?

    mcm mana nak flash/clean/clear ROM..
    sorry la kacau… nak blaja kat sini…nak tanya kat forum xda tu.. takde orang nak layan

  8. use FLixnixover 3.2i ok kot..
    agak leceh nak clear kan ROM.. pernah masuk bootloader cmd prompt? actually.. pernah terbaca 1 cara senang.. flash balik radio ROM (radio only) then flash OS ROM (OS only)

  9. salam encik..baru 2 hari pakai flinixover 3.2i, sekali lagi screen stuck dekat first HTC yg putih tu….selalu betul aaa jadi mcm ni…mmg terasa yg wm6 setting dr kilang tu kot jer yg paling stable….

  10. @yusuf
    saya pakai so far Ok.. tapi ada jugak pernh ter hard reset sendiri.. why dont you try to flash ur SPL back… then ur Radio.. finally ur WM6

  11. oooo thank u, you are a star..cepat betul reply comment…really appreciate it bro… i don’t know spl can be flash again..i’m quite scared about flashing the SPL… I’m using the Olipro one…is there any other SPL that u can recommend

  12. @yusuf
    if you are using P3600i, only 1 SPL available for you (Olipro) 😉

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