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ClientMe – Yet Another Client Side Honeypot

It is now in early implementation phase

P/S: This project insyaallah will be my master degree’s project at the same time

[updated on 25th August 2009, 11:01PM (GMT +8)]

ClientMe is now in v 0.01 Alpha [see HERE]

6 Responses to ClientMe

  1. yang berjanggut tu sapa ?
    atuk janggut ?

  2. aiyaa… tak padam2 lagi ke tulisan aku kat dinding tu? hahaha…

  3. @shahrir
    mung kena datang padam sendiri.. HAHAHA

  4. Are you some kind of scientist?
    creating some sort of rocket or what?

    or just bluffing around, impressing girl…. huh

  5. @siper
    OMG.. havent you heard about client side honeypot before?

    google: mitre
    google: honeyc
    google: capture-hpc
    google: HoneySpider Network <- tok guru it nothing to do with rocket science pun.. but maybe YES to some ppl who lazy to think and search it around 😉

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