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Bypassing TM’s Proxy


Hi all especially TM staffs 😛

I’ve wrote a Firefox plugin that helps you (TM staffs) to bypass the TM proxy and allow you to browse Facebook and Twitter from TM’s internal network or via TM’s secure VPN.

The plugin now is in BETA version and version 1.1 (release version) will be distributed tonight.

This plugin will be released in controlled copy where ONLY those person that I knew and those in my trusted group of people will get it.

Greetz and thanks to my BETA tester: Azra, Farah and Fathi

13 Responses to Bypassing TM’s Proxy

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  2. ini mesti as per request from Farah.

    mind share the source?
    or at least the steps taken.

  3. yang nie aku buat sebab aku TERjumpa caranye.. so bukan on request..

    kau punye pasal, source and method will be shared in one protected entry soon..

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  5. hey!! The idea did came from Azra rite…hehe!!

    Zaid, TM staff really loves social networking stuff. Tak request pun ada orang je tolong cari jalan….heheh!!

  6. method is from azra.. idea of writing plugin datang tiba2

  7. ooo, i see i see.

    kinda weird thou, bypassing the firewall rules…
    unless ada loophole. hurm.

    and thanks dude for the code later on!

  8. @Zaid Aiman
    mane ade firewall bro.. content filtering [yeah TM use content dan bukan URL 😉 ] kat proxy je

  9. xanda mmg power 😛
    cool implementation tho 🙂

  10. @yeh
    but still… why japanese food?!!

  11. @xanda
    no idea… hahahahah… i want apple only :p

  12. Hi,
    I understood that this idea is from Azra. But I still interested to know more about it.

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