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0day on TM Billion ADSL Modem/Router


Quick update

Here is my short update. I was playing around with the ‘nice’ modem and I found 2 vulnerability

1) Remote code execution
2) DoS

Tested on Firmware Version :

I’m looking forward to play around with Riger Corporation’s modem that came with “Enhanced by TM R&D Malaysia” label on it 🙂

7 Responses to 0day on TM Billion ADSL Modem/Router

  1. w00ts… I’ve both of them with me. Would appreciate if you could share the details especially on RCE part. and DoS too

  2. @mamat
    its unethical if i release it to the public, unless within trusted group. hey do you fuzz? if yes, i can give you tips

  3. xanda, any tips would be most appreciated 😉

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  6. Cool that you found these vulnerabilities, but of course you should be careful who you give it to. But, cool stuff. It’s your kind of people that helps the IT security grow stronger. Thanks _Ray

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