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Fakta tentang KENTUT – Part 2


Dulu aku pernah post pasal fakta tentang kentut. Yang nie part 2 pulak

Human Personality identification…

  1. Kurang Jujur- org yg kentut tp menyalahkan org lain
  2. Bengong- org yg thn kentut berjam2
  3. yakin diri- org yg kentut dgn lantang
  4. Sadis_org yg kentut dlm selimut lalu dikibaskan baunya
  5. Strategik- org yg sembnyikan bunyi kentut dgn ketaw kuat2
  6. mysterious-org yg kentut tp xdpt dikesan
  7. gugup- tiba2 kentut apabila disergah
  8. periang-kentut pelan-pelan, pastu senyum sorang2..

Haaa…senyum sorang2 nampak????

[source: nisa nasir]

Demi MMU yang Selamat, Undilah Parti Lebah


Calon Kerusi Presiden

Bertanding di kawasan: Main Gate 345

Our Vision Is

To ensure that an ideal university atmosphere exist in order that the staff and students achieve their objectives successfully.

Our Mission Is :

To create a perfect or absolute security for protection of life and property against criminal attack and for the preservation of peace. At the same time, to project the right image for the campus community to have confidence in, and respect its operations.

This would be achieved by functioning 24 hours a day and carrying out the following tasks and responsibilities :

  • Provide security services against threat to physical security.
  • Maintain peace and order in the campus.
  • Prevent and investigate criminal offences.
  • Monitor and implement traffic regulations.
  • Enforce all security policies and procedures.
  • Provide emergency services such as first aid, fire fighting and salvage operations.
  • Receive, safe-keep and return all lost items to its lawful owner.
  • Aid the authorities in any way it can during and after office hours.
  • Maintain cordial relationship with other department within MMU and outside agencies such as Military, Police, Fire and Rescue Departments.

The E-Beez logo is copyrighted by MMU according to Term 9.1 and 9.2 MMU WEBSITE USE & ACCESS AGREEMENT. The logo is taken from MMU’s official website.
The Vision and Mission is taken from Security Demartment’s official website

Lafaz Niat Keluar Mengundi


Niat keluar mengundi Sabtu ini :- “Sahaja aku keluar BARISAN, naik ROKET menuju BULAN, kerana KEADILAN

How to Troubleshoot a Canon i450 Printer


Q #1 : I have a Canon i450 printer and I have some problem with it. The printer won’t work and the ready LED is blinking in orange colour. May I know how to fix it?

Q #2 : I want the printer print like a NEW printer can huh?