Xanara Rescue CD – Alpha 1.0

Xanara Rescue CD – Alpha 1.0 has released.

Xanara is a Recovery Live CD based on Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS. It is a live Linux distribution that aims specifically at recovery and repair operations on Windows machines but is equally usable for Linux recovery issues after a crash. It provides an easy way to carry out administration tasks on the computer such as creating and editing the partitions of the hard disk. It contains a lot of system utilities. By just booting the CDROM, the users can straight away perform the recovery process without any installations. The kernel supports most of the important file systems even the latest and rarely used like Reiser4, JFS and ext4.

Xanara can perform normal rescue operations like other rescue Linux distributions but it is equipped with 3 brand new applications which are Backup on LAN, Real Server Backup and MySQL Backup.

Alpha 1.0 version still containĀ  a lot of bugs and the 3 brand new rescue applications are not yet installed.

Xanda ROM v1.1 Released (TRIN_WWE_Xanda-v1.1_3.00.707.17_1.46.30.11)

I’m proud to present you Xanda ROM v1.1 with code name (TRIN_WWE_Xanda-v1.1_3.00.707.17_1.46.30.11) and the details are:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional [CE OS 5.2.1437 (Build 17944.0.3.1)]
  • ROM version : 3.00.707.17
  • Radio ROM :
  • Protocel version : 32.79.7090.19H

Download the ROM together with ROM Updater Utility and follow the step by step guides HERE

Xanda Web Proxy

Xanda Web Proxy

Xanda Web Proxy is a Web HTTP proxy programmed in PHP to bypass firewalls and other proxy restrictions through a Web interface very similar to the popular CGIProxy. School/country/company blocked your favorite Website? Look no further!

    The server that this script runs on simply acts as a medium that retrieves resources for you. The only IP address shown will be the server’s IP address. So basically, it is indirect browsing. The only catch being that the server has to have access to those otherwise inaccessible resources.

      Xanda Web Proxy is based on CGIProxy with some simplification has been made to the code. You are welcome to use it at http://webproxy.xanda.org and if you found any bugs, please report to

      Xanda Web FTP

      Xanda Web FTP

      Xanda Web FTP offers a way of connecting to your FTP server, even when you are behind a firewall or proxy not allowing traffic to FTP servers. This is very common in business networks. Xanda Web FTP overcomes this issue by making a FTP connection from your webserver to your FTP server and transferring the files from this web server to your webclient over the standard http protocol.

        Xanda Web FTP is based on PHPWebFTP with few bugs ficed. Xanda Web FTP is free software and the source is available HERE and published under GPL.

          You are welcome to use it at http://webftp.xanda.org and if you found any bugs, please report it to

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