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Vulnerability in IIS

I’ve received the ‘feed’ regarding the IIS vulnerability on the 23rd December, but due to busy (preparing for examination) week, the advisory for the vulnerability is still pending.

From my observation, IIS 7 and IIS 7.5 are not vulnerable to the bug.. I already have a few working workaround for the 0day and all of them will be compiled in my upcoming advisory.. soon.. 😛


** [Updated on Tue Dec 29 01:26:39 MYT 2009]

Done! Sent to webmaster. Waiting to be published

** [Updated on Tue Dec 29 21:33:20 MYT 2009]

Published 🙂

Writing Advisories is Not Considered as ‘Extra Mile’

Terima kasih diatas minat yang ditunjukkan. ****** dan alert tidak dikira dalam kategori berkenaan kerana ianya sememangnya tugas jabatan. Kategori ini dibuat utk membolehkan staff yang melaksanakan ‘extra mile’ diberi penghormatan.

Dear god, please give me the Shell V-Power so that I can get extra mileage!

Critical Memory Corruption Vulnerability Fixed in Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1

The critical memory corruption vulnerability has finally fixed in Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1. Beside security issues, several stability issues and issue that was making Firefox take a long time to load on some Windows systems were also fixed in this release. The complete changelog is HERE

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