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HOWTO Apply for US Visit Pass (Visa)


For those (Malaysian) who wanna apply for US visa, here are the steps :

  1. Make sure your international passport is still valid
  2. Bring your passport to the nearest Alliance Bank branch together with RM532 application fees. Find your nearest Alliance Bank branch HERE
  3. On the next working day, you can book for interview schedule online HERE and make sure you have the following information with you:
    • Passport information
    • Alliance Bank’s receipt
  4. Make sure you print out the following document once you finish with the interview schedule booking:
    • Applicant Details
    • Interview Letter (Print with color printer!)
  5. Get 3 recent photographs for your visa. Make sure it is 50mm x 50mm in size with white background.
  6. Now fill in DS-156 form HERE. Make sure you have Acrobat Reader installed and your browser support it. The form wont be submitted to the embassy, it will be converted to a PDF file and you need to print the file in 3 copies.
  7. If you are a male, between age 16 and 45, you need to fill in DS-157 form HERE and print it.
  8. Get any supporting letter (hard copy) from your company, travel agency or anyone that you will meet in US.
  9. Go to the US Embassy according your interview schedule together with the following documents:
    • Passport
    • Alliance Bank’s receipt
    • Applicant Details
    • Interview Letter
    • DS-156 Form (3 copies and attach one of the form with your 50mmx50mm picture)
    • DS-157 From (if you are a male between age 16 and 45)
    • Supporting documents or letters
  10. Gud luck for the interview!
  11. If everything is fine, you will get your visa and your passport back on the next business day or maximum 2 weeks time. Owh ya, you need to collect you passport at Wisma MCA and not at the embassy