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Most Secure Desktop Operating System

Mikko H. Hypponen: What do you consider to be the most secure desktop operating system at the moment in theory?

Charlie Miller: Probably Windows 7, although most are pretty comparable.

Source: Ekspress

CVE-2010-0249 – Aurora IE 0day Exploit :: DEP bypassed

:: Quick update ::

Today, I’ve been working on a video on the Aurora IE 0day exploit PoC that really mimics the original Aurora’s exploit on Google.

However, the original exploit gonna fail if you enable DEP on the machine.

A few minutes back, someone ping and inform me on the new PoC that gonna bypass the DEP. If true, enabling DEP wont protect IE users anymore 😉

But you are still safe if you disable Active Script / JavaScript support for your IE

Here is how you can disable the Active Shit/JavaShit Active Script / JavaScript support in your IE: Advisory

Happy Kernel Code Execution Via Internet Explorer

Happy Kernel Code Execution Via Internet Explorer 😛

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