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Short Update

  • Sangat bz last 2 months
    • After struggling on the so-called automagic script, now more than 80% of my works dah di automate kan, so i can relax.
    • “Automate the many, deal with the few!” (Robert Stroud, 2009)
  • Conducted 1 whole day training @ MSCOSCON 2009
    • Meet many peoples
    • Exchange opinions & contact
    • Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran belanje donat
    • Got 3 geek tshirts HAHAHAHA
    • Established new projects/collaboration πŸ˜›
  • Addicted to WORK!
  • I am now a MacBook fan
  • Part time model? πŸ˜›
  • First time involve ngan treasure hunt.
  • New phone is on the way
  • Just got my business card & corporate shirts
  • P1WiMax is on the way
  • Has released 2 articles & 3 advisories (since last update)
  • Keeping H1N1 & Maxinvest monitoring page up to date
  • will be available in IRC for 24/7 since I’m now connected to my department’s quassel server πŸ˜‰
  • I’m going to migrate to 64-bit OS on my notebook
  • xda-developer people said WM6.5 is hunger for memory but Piju said No. I’m going to bake my own WM6.5 ROM
  • Akan bercuti next week, cuti cuti semenanjung Malaysia πŸ™‚

Job Vacancy For Technical Support Specialist at Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn. Bhd.


We never stand still.

Business goes from strength to strength and with it comes a wealth of exciting opportunities for IT professionals to join our internationally recognised company.

We’re increasing the size of our IT Support Centre in KL and are looking for a range of highly motivated and experienced Technical Support Specialists to join our team, with experience in the areas of:

* Network Administration (LAN / WAN / VoIP)
* Network Security Management
* Wintel support
* Database Administration
* Unix support
* Web Support
* Storage/backup Support

On a day to day basis you will provide remote 2nd line incident management and technical support for our clients. You’ll be acting as the single point of contact for your assigned area of technical expertise, providing guidance and support to the Shift Manager during any escalations. Maintaining clear documentation will be a key part of the role, everything from incident logs and case notes, through to maintenance of documentation libraries and scripts.

This is not just a reactive role, your expertise will be valued in helping us improve what we do through problem management and reviewing our processes and data to make sure that our services continually meet contracted levels of performance. Sharing your knowledge effectively within the team; briefing new hires, reviewing and addressing team performance issues will also be critical.

Those who are interested, please email rodong koi (my friend) to: mij [at] irwan.name

Your email should contain:

  • Full name
  • Email to contact
  • Resume
  • Your skills (including experience, soft skill, achievement etc)
  • And tell them, why you are qualified

Hhuhuhu… Gud luck guys!