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Development Release: Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 2.5


I’m proud to announce that Xanara Rescue CD is now in pre-final release (for my FYP) before it is submitted. Current latest version is Beta 2.5 and I’ll post the changelogs, full details and some screenshots latest by Saturday (I’ll try lah). ISO also will be uploaded once the full details is published.

Feel free to visit Xanara Rescue CD’s project page

Development Release: Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 1


Xanara Rescue CD is in Beta phase now.. Erm.. Overall, I can say that almost 96% of the Operating System part (my part) has been completed and 30% of the applications part (Farah’s part) has been done.

I haven’t upload the ISO yet for Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 1 due to some problem during HALT (shutdown). Enjoy the screenshots first. Hahaha..

Boot Menu

Gnome Splash Screen

Main Desktop

Gnome Menu has been replaced with MintMenu

Updating Anti virus defination

Shutdown Menu

Short Update Regarding Xanara Rescue CD


Casper gives me a lot of troubles. He removes ALL user settings that I’ve made in the home directory of the Live CD user. The Live-Linux’s pre-compiled kernel also brings me some problems with the modules. Recorrect it? SORRY! I prefer to start it all over again from SCRATCH.

Current progress? Erm.. I can say that Xanara Rescue CD (just for the OS part) is currently at 30% to 35% of overall progress. For now, I am upgrading the OLD packages and modules that were installed on the base operating system that is use as the base and it require me to download 165 files! Hahaha…