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Synchronize our clock with Malaysian Standard Time

What is the time now in Malaysia? I mean real time.. huhu…

Actually we can know the standard time in Malaysia by referring to Malaysian Standard Time Service by SIRIM

You know what, we could also synchronize our computer clock to the time server..

Just follow these steps :-

Double click at the clock

Server : mst.sirim.my

Summary of expected upcoming releases (*NIX)

Prevent slow Streamyx connection? (Proxy)

Tired with slow internet connection?

Internet service is currently experiencing a degradation in performance caused by several outages at some of the international links. This is attributed to the Richter 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck off the southern coast of Taiwan at 12.07 a.m. on 27th December 2006, which caused the APCN2 (Asia Pacific Cable Network 2) submarine cable fault between Shantou, China and Tanshui, Taiwan and between Lantau, Hong Kong and Chongming, China.

This has caused outages at several TM Net international transit and peering links, mainly to the said countries. As a result, Internet users in Malaysia and other parts of Asia may be experiencing some delay when assessing content and websites hosted outside of Malaysia, especially in U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Europe.

To overcome this, Streamyx user can use proxy servers form west Asia. This is because, there are not using the same route that i mentioned above.

The recommended Proxy country are :- Australia, India, Kuwait

Configure your browser to connect to this proxy :-

1) Get your proxy first [here] or [here]

* Make sure you choose proxy from the recommended country
* NOT all proxy are working (so please change it)

2) Run your browser

3) For Firefox

4) For IE

5) Enjoy !!