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Gentoo Tweak, Tip, Trick and Optimization


Here are some tips and tricks on how to optimize Gentoo Linux especially on laptop installation

  1. Use ccache
  2. Optimize ext3 filesystem performence
  3. Configure Xorg and Fonts
    After you perform this option, change your firefox preferences into this :

  4. Tweak your Firefox (only for Firefox 2.*)
  5. Auto mount removable drive

If you are using notebook, continue with these steps :-

  1. Configuration for laptop
  2. Install network manager

E-book :- Thinking in Java, 3rd ed. Revision 4.0


Since i’ll be using Java during my industrial training.. Java books / e-books will surely reduce the pain in my ass. And here i would like to share an e-book, Thinking in Java, 3rd ed. Revision 4.0, by Bruce Eckel’s MindView.

This ebook is actually free.The electronic version of the book will continue to be free. You have permission to print a copy of the book for your own use, and to distribute the unmodified electronic version(s)… [more] ” (Bruce Eckel, 2007)

Welcome home Gentoo!


Welcome home Gentoo! See you next time ‘apt-get’

After almost 1 day compiling (emerging), finally my Gentoo
2007.0 is ready! It would be the base of my FYP. Hehehe… Here are some
screenie :-

Switching back to Gentoo


We’ve (Yeh and me) been waiting for the new release of Gentoo 2007.0 since March. Hahaha.. On the 7th of May, Gentoo Release Engineering team finally announced the release of their new version with the code named ‘Secret Sauce’.

So, Yeh and me think that it is the time to say buhbye to ‘apt-get’ and welcome home ’emerge’

Pidgin 2.0 Beta 7


After changing their name
from Gaim to Pidgin, this is their first release. Pidgin 2.0 beta 7.
Nothing much actually… just a bit different in the interface and the
name (duhh!)

I suggest not to install this BETA version yet because they are going
to release Pidgin 2.0 final version somewhere around next week