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Embedded Linux on Nokia 6600?


just kidding!~

Pidgin :: Connect to Yahoo Messenger (behind firewall)


Here I would like to share something on how to connect to Yahoo Messenger network using Pidgin when you are behind firewall that block normal Yahoo Messenger port.

Normal Yahoo Messenger connect through port 5000 and most of company’s policy doesn’t allow port 5000 to leave opened. So lets Yahoo! through port 80 … Just follow these steps :-

  1. Download Pidgin and install [click here]
  2. Account > Add/Edit
  3. Add
  4. Protocal : Yahoo
  5. Pager port : 80
  6. Download the smiley and extract it [click here]
  7. Copy the folder that you just extract (folder named yahoo) to C:\Program Files\Pidgin\pixmaps\pidgin\emotes
  8. Tools > Preferences
  9. Smiley Themes > Yahoo!

Safari 3 – Now on Windows


Who the hell rate them as the best browser? NVM… feel free to download, install and rate the performance