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Browser Benchmarking


Hi all, especially nzuhdi. Hehe.. I’ve performed benchmark test on several browser to determine the javascript speed on each browser.

I used Javascript Speed Tests from this page :- http://celtickane.com/webdesign/jsspeed.php and the result are :-

Chromium (build 6107 [27th Nov])

Google Chrome

Safari 3.2

Firefox 3.1 (beta) Safemode

Opera 9.6

Epiphany 2.22

Firefox 3.1 (beta)

Firefox 3.0.4

Thanks to Adeep for the screeny


Konqueror 3.5.10

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 8 (Beta 2)

P/S #1: Some said that TraceMonkey, the new javascript engine for Firefox 3.1 is faster compare to Google Chrome. Read more [HERE] and [HERE]

Bye Bye IBM


Basically yesterday was my last day working in IBM and today I came back to return the (not so) smart card, locker key and insurans card.

I’m going to CyberSecurity Malaysia and work under Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) as an Intrusion Analyst.

So.. Bye bye to all my friends in IBM. I’ve learnt a lot from you guys. Keep in touch..

P/S #1: I’m gonna start working in CyberSecurity Malaysia on 1st December so I still have 1 week to enjoy before didera oleh yomuds kat sana nanti.

P/S #2: Thanks for the “Apple”

12DBi WiFi Antenna


Here is the 12BDi antenna that mentioned before.

Full test heven’t been done on the antenna yet. Full review will be post onc the test has been performed later.

WiFi Antenna Hack


Aku MC hari nie disebabkan demam yang teruk. Aku kena suntik btw.

Boring asyik berbaring, I did some searching on boosting WiFi signal. Actually WiFi nie di-share dengan najib yang tinggal di selang sebuah rumah, di bilik paling hujung.

So aku try la 1 poorman project nie. All I need is a aluminum can

It might look stupid but it works!

P/S #1:- Actually I already bought a 12DBi WiFi antenna and tentatively it gonna arrive on 12/11/2008 (morning). HAHAHA… I really cant wait..

Brand new 12DBi WiFi Antenna for only RM43. Nice and cheap huh?

P/S #2:- I’ve cooked another OS ROM for HTC P3600i

New OS ROM, New Radio ROM