DontPhishMe; Its in Your Browser, Its in Your Media

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“…CyberSecurity, he said, was also realising a browser plug-in called “DontPhishme” for internet users. Once installed, this security plug-in allows automatic detection of fake banking sites.

“Users can download the browser plug-in from the official download repositories of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome,” Zahri said….”

Source: Bernama

Counter-eCrime Operations Summit (CeCOS V)

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I’ll be presenting “Don’t Phish Me : Browser based phishing detection” in the “The Technology of eCrime and eCrime Response” section.

See you there 😉

More info :

Why Improper Naming Convention Sux

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😀 First of all, i would like to say sorry to those who have read my previous entry (that has been removed; but thanks to Google people can still read it :P)

It was my fault; and here is the story 😛

I’ve been working on something and I simply create a file named aaaaaa.html on my tmp folder. Suddenly I found the FD challenge and decided to play around. I’ve copied the JS into aaaaaaa.html (with an extra ‘a’) and shamelessly tough that I’ve analyze the right file. Without further verification, i straightaway blog about it. LOL!

P/S: the same method used on the correct FD’s JS and again I’m able to decode it without getting my hand dirty. I’ll only share it publicly once I stop working on my JS-obfuscation-related-project.


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