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Getting my Samsung ML-1610 working on Gentoo 2006.1

After spending hours on recompile my kernel, installing CUPS (something like “Printers and Faxes” in Windows XP’s control panel lah..) and Ghostscript (erm… maybe you use FinePrint before..), my Samsung ML-1610 still does not work. So i manage to get the latest PPD (something line INF file for driver in Windows) from Samsung’s website.

After a couple of hours trying… the result is still the same.. MuahHAuahahah! So plan to reverse engineering the installer provided by Samsung and FINALLY i found a bug. Manually, i hack (debug) the installer and luckily the printer FINALLY work!!

Maybe i’ll write a article on HOWTO Configure Samsung ML-1610 on your Linux machine next time


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