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Xanda Assignment Management System (BETA)


Since most of us (IT student batch 04/05) take 7 subjects this sem, so it is difficult for us to manage our assignments and projects. So I came out with a solution that maybe can help you guys.

Introducing Xanda Assignment Management System (BETA). A system that will help you in organizing, dividing, and working in group when you are completing an assignment. This system allows you to add reminders, deadlines and events so that the whole group members will alert. The system also allows you to upload, download and view files. This will make the process of compiling the whole assignment easier. You can also leave a notice so that the whole group member will know the progress of your assignment

Please feel free to visit Xanda Assignment Management System (BETA) and if you found any bugs or would like to share anything that could improve this system, please leave comment in this post.

Thank you

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