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WiFi-ing the whole Taman Melawis

Here is what my new house mate (Adib) and me gonna work on. WiFi-ing the whole Taman Melawis! haha.. kiddin’.. Actually we try to avoid applying for new phone and streamyx account, so we go for wireless.

    1 WiFi router with outdoor antenna attached and hacked firmware will be placed either at Farah’s house or Najib’s house. The signal will be transmitted to my house and wallaaa!~ *FREE internet!

    * FREE in term of no need to use my OWN streamyx & phone line. We still gonna pay Farah’s or Najib’s bill

    Here are what we need :

    1. DI-524 High Speed 2.4GHz (802.11g) Wireless Router (already bought it at RM70)
    2. OpenWRT Firmware (free of charge)
    3. MGA-DS-14A – 14dBi Directional Indoor / Outdoor Antenna (the price is around RM299)

    MGA-DS-14A – 14dBi Directional Indoor / Outdoor Antenna

    • Extended Wireless Network Coverage Up to 1.4KM
    • Indoor / Outdoor Directional Antenna
    • Wall Mounting / Pole Mounting
    • Cable Length 45cm
    • Applicable to Access Point & detachable
    • Wireless card with SMA connection type


    • farah says:

      kalau nak letak kat my house kena tanya Faezah and Afzan..but to me, I say that you should put it at my house la sebab less payment for the bill….

      sayang kena letak jugak macam effects dia after sharing the bandwidth wireless and wired….

      eh mcm kerja aku buat skang jer kat Warisan nie…hahahaha…bole implement nie…buat server terus!! keh keh keh…ok aku dah merepik…

      love you loads muah muah muah!!

    • xanda says:

      max 54mbps je.. almost tak terasa langsung kot

    • ZaiD says:

      aku nak join curi connetion~ wah hahaha~

    • xanda says:

      curi curi.. WEP 128bit je.. owh ya.. maybe jugak aku nak buat allow MAC aku ngan adib je 😀

    • ZaiD says:

      haha… lagi bagus!
      WEP128 bit!

      nak allow MAC je?
      haha.. bagus bagus… >:)

    • Knight-1 says:

      nan! upgrade stimix ke 2mbps atau 4mbps! kakakaka…..1mbps share ramai2 torrent nnt tak best! wakakakaka!

    • Knight-1 says:

      owh yer 1.4km tu utk open area ke? kalau byk building dia jd bapa jarak dia? cam nak psg dri umah aku ke umah abg aku..best jugak ni! wahahaha!

    • xanda says:

      1.4km tu aku rasa indoor. kalo kene go through banyak dinding.. ko kene pakai booster sebelum ke antenna tu.. kos dalam rm250 lagi

    • ForReal says:

      So kalau guna booster boleh sampai 1.4km walaupun housing area ? Boleh kasi tahu apa brand booster tu ?

    • xanda says:

      1.4 tu usually open area.. but you still can ask kedai yang jual those wireless equipment kat tingkat 4 lowyat plaza

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