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Find Vulnerable SCADA Systems with Shodan


Here are some useful queries:

  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=port:161+country:US+simatic
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=PLC
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=allen+bradley
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=fanuc
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=Rockwell
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=Cimplicity
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=Omron
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=Novatech
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=Citect
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=RTU
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=Modbus+Bridge
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=modicon
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=bacnet
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=telemetry+gateway
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=SIMATIC
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=hmi
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=siemens+-…er+-Subscriber
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=scada+RTS
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=SCHNEIDER
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=port%3A161+simatic
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=telemetry+gateway
  • http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=%22cisco-ios%22%20%22last-modified%22

Erk.. How to exploit?

  1. Default password (uhukk uhukk WinCC)
  2. http://reversemode.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=65&Itemid=1
  3. http://www.elladodelmal.com/2010/05/shodan-y-sistemas-scada.html
  4. [..]

What else to exploit ?

6 Responses to Find Vulnerable SCADA Systems with Shodan

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  2. I am currently researching on SCADA Systems, and from what I have got, most SCADA Systems are either obscured from the net (WELL) or they are just vulnerable with a weak password, and it does matter if someone has an access to these systems, one can spread Havoc in the city/town based on those systems.

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