Xanda Packet Filter Linux (Beta 1)

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Xanda proudly present you…

Xanda Packet Filter Linux (Beta 1)

Xanda Packet Filter is a Linux Firewall Distribution and the function is almost similar to IPCop Linux, Smoothwall Linux, RedWall Linux and any other Linux Firewall Distribution beside of some specialties design to fulfill the requirement of my client, Muafakat Computer Center, for their cyber cafe, computer training center and stationary shop.

Xanda Packet Filter is running kernel 2.6.23-rc1-mm1 (with -mm patch) and the default file system is Reiser4 … SUPER FAST file system with few bugs on file system’s cleanup and consolidation has been corrected which are:

  • Export radix tree_preload
  • Use zero user page
  • Remove typedefs
  • Fix write_extent
  • Make sync_inodes non void
  • Fix extent2tail
  • Fix read_tail
  • Fix unix file readpages filler
  • Git block vs reiser4
  • Update page order at an appropriate time when tracking page_owner
  • Print out page_owner statistics in relation to fragmentation avoidance
  • Allow page_owner to be set on any architecture fix

This f*ckin awesome firewall will be used in Muafakat Computer Center and Muafakat Training Center in Temerloh, Pahang (my home town ). Beside of firewall, it will connect 3 networks in 3 deferent buildings (Muafakat Computer Center, Muafakat Training Center & Muafakat Stationary Shop) into 1 big network using VPN, so that the BIG BOSS, Mdm Faridah, can monitor the progress of her business (including billing & inventory system) easily.

I cant wait to implement this diagram early next October 2007… not only because of I’ll get paid by them but also I can learn lot of new thing there…

New look of my PGO

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It is a damn bz week.. It is all about seminar, workshop and meeting… I dont even have time to write a long entry to menganjing about my new coverset… hahahha…. enjoy these pictures… DONT ASK ABOUT THE MUDGUARD! I will upload the full picture once i’m ready

Allegro Common Lisp Programming Workshop by Dr Sheng-Chuan

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Allegro Common Lisp is a variant of the Common Lisp programming language developed by Franz Inc which is used to code the Ontology component in my project. It generally includes an implementation of Prolog.

I’ve used AllegroGraph before but not Allegro Common Lisp, so my department will send me and another staf, Dr Norliza to an Allegro Common Lisp Programming Workshop that will be conducted by Dr Sheng-Chuan.


Dr Sheng-Chuan received his Ph.D. in Structural Mechanics and Computer Graphics from Cornell University. He was a key R&D manager at one of the pioneer CAD/CAM companies in the early 80’s. He then joined a major CAM/CAM/CAE start-up as a founding member in the mid-80’s, as head of application R&D and later as head of marketing and customer services. Dr Sheng-Chuan joined Franz, a leading vendor of Lisp tools, in the early 90’s as VP for new business development and is currently VP for corporate development.

Details of the workshop:

18th July – Basic Allegro Common Lisp Programming – [9.00am – 5.30pm]

19th July – Basic Allegro Common Lisp Programming – [9.00am – 5.30pm]

20th July – Revisit Allegro Graph & Top Braid Composer – [9.00am – 12.30noon]

23rd July – Advanced Allegro Common Lisp Programming – [9.00am – 12.30noon]

24th July – Advanced Allegro Common Lisp Programming – [9.00am – 12.30noon]

25th July – Advanced Allegro Common Lisp Programming – [9.00am – 12.30noon]

As you can see, the workshop will be over at 12.30noon on 20th, 23rd, 24th and 25th of July… and I’m allowed to go back early… Weee..! boleh tido!

What is Malaysia’s Broadband Internet Penetration Rate

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[source & read more]

EJB + Servlet on JBoss Application Server

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Mula mula sekali mari aku terangkan makdus EJB dan JBoss

EJB = Eeee… Jubo Babi

JBoss = Jubo Boss

Hahahaha… EJB nie sebenarnye Enterprise Java Beans… dan die di run atas application server yang bernama JBoss. Kebodohan java terserlah. Kebencian membuak buak. Aku diarahkan oleh supervisor aku untuk buat 1 component lookup table untuk project aku kat sini. Antara yang supervisor aku suro buat ialah pakai Entity bean. Entity bean nie lebih kurang macam kita tak direct access ke database, kita akan import database tu menjadi class yang ade function get and set. so sepanjang flow project @ application tu nanti, hanya object of that class yang akan di access. Aku pun tak sure kenapa nak buat macam tu.. tapi tu arahan… terpakse la akur

Seriously aku xde pengalaman langsung dalam J2EE nie… Dah la aku sux even dalam plain java pun. hahahaha… tapi nie la hasil nye mendaalah yang aku belajar selama 4 hari dan aku code dalam 7 jam setengah nie

Sebenarnye application nie nanti akan di run dari smart phone (java application), tapi untuk menampakkan macam mane component lookup table nie berfungsi… aku pun code la 1 servlet untuk pakai ejb bodo tadi tu la.. so nie la lebih kurang hasilnye

Sebelum berpisah.. ingain saya ingatkan sekali lagi… Java SUX!