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Compile your own ‘nightly builds’ GPGMail2

I love to see the progress in GPGMail recently, especially after the release of Lion OSX. But usually it gonna take some time before come out with the installation package and publish it in their website (or upgradeable via Mail preferences)

So here is the way you can compile your own ‘nightly builds’ of GPGMail2 (tested on Lion OSX)

cd /tmp
git clone --recursive --depth 1 git://github.com/GPGTools/GPGMail.git -b lion
defaults write com.apple.mail EnableBundles -bool NO
cd GPGMail; make update install
defaults write com.apple.mail EnableBundles -bool YES
defaults write com.apple.mail BundleCompatibilityVersion 5
defaults write com.apple.mail BundleCompatibilityVersion 5.1
open /Applications/Mail.app

Enjoy! 😀

Reference: https://github.com/GPGTools/GPGMail/wiki/Gpgmail-2

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