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Short Update

  • Sangat bz last 2 months
    • After struggling on the so-called automagic script, now more than 80% of my works dah di automate kan, so i can relax.
    • “Automate the many, deal with the few!” (Robert Stroud, 2009)
  • Conducted 1 whole day training @ MSCOSCON 2009
    • Meet many peoples
    • Exchange opinions & contact
    • Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran belanje donat
    • Got 3 geek tshirts HAHAHAHA
    • Established new projects/collaboration πŸ˜›
  • Addicted to WORK!
  • I am now a MacBook fan
  • Part time model? πŸ˜›
  • First time involve ngan treasure hunt.
  • New phone is on the way
  • Just got my business card & corporate shirts
  • P1WiMax is on the way
  • Has released 2 articles & 3 advisories (since last update)
  • Keeping H1N1 & Maxinvest monitoring page up to date
  • will be available in IRC for 24/7 since I’m now connected to my department’s quassel server πŸ˜‰
  • I’m going to migrate to 64-bit OS on my notebook
  • xda-developer people said WM6.5 is hunger for memory but Piju said No. I’m going to bake my own WM6.5 ROM
  • Akan bercuti next week, cuti cuti semenanjung Malaysia πŸ™‚

Storage Fest


I’ve got all these in one month++ time. I gave 1 to my mom already. So, ini yang tinggal. Bukan nak kira size, brand or harga, tapi sentimental value yang ada padanye πŸ™‚

Detects Adobe Flash flaws with SWFScan


HP SWFScan, a free tool developed by HP Web Security Research Group, will automatically find security vulnerabilities in applications built on the Flash platform.

HP is offering SWFScan because:

  • HP’s research shows that developers is increasingly implementing applications built on the Adobe Flash platform without the required security expertise.
  • As a result, HP is seeing a proliferation of insecure applications being deployed on the web.
  • A vulnerable application built on the Flash platform widens your website’s attack surface creating more opportunity for malicious hackers.

How SWFScan works and what vulnerabilities it finds:

  • Decompiles applications built on the Adobe Flash platform to extract the ActionScript code and statically analyzes it to identify security issues such as information disclosure.
  • Identifies and reports insecure programming and deployment practices and suggests solutions.
  • Enables you to audit third party applications without requiring access to the source code.

Dowload this free tool to help your team find Flash vulnerabilities in your web applications.

Yauba : The World’s First Privacy Safe Search Engine


Yauba is a brand new search engine from India. One of the important features of Yauba is its stress of user’s privacy and security. Yauba operates in complete incognito mode and does not collect any personal data and another thing is, it can be used as WEB PROXY!

Most search engines try to gather and record as much information about their users as possible. They (or their parent companies) operate massive server farms with even more massive databases that secretly record your entire search history, your private contacts, the identity of your family and friends, your personal emails, your conversations and chats, your browsing habits, your physical location, details on the software you use on your computer, your IP address, and much much more. This is no exaggeration. Indeed, if you ever saw exactly how much most search engines actually know about your private details, you would be completely shocked.

At Yauba, we completely reject the view that search engines somehow need to keep mountains of data on their own users. Instead, we take the exact opposite approach. We do everything we can to protect the privacy of our users.

  • This is why we do not keep any record of any of your search terms, browsing habits or any other personally identifiable information.
  • This is why we automatically delete any and every piece of personally identifiable information from our servers on a continuous basis.
  • This is why we can have the shortest privacy policy (9 words) of any major Internet service in the world.
  • This is why you can visit almost every Internet site through the main Yauba service on a completely anonymous basis (with the only exception of file types that use other external third party software or plug-ins for downloading or playing).

Lets give Yauba a try at http://www.yauba.com/

OIC CERT Seminar 2009


  1. Attended OIC CERT Seminar 2009
  2. Meet a lot of people (in related field of course)
  3. Learned few new things
  4. Eat for free
  5. Again eat for free
  6. Tomorrow, gonna assist my colleague, , in conducting Honeynet Hands-on Training

P/S #1 : Rumah sebelah rumah aku kami buat Projek Tanaman Lalang Madu dengan usaha sama MARDI. Sebab tu lalang kat umah dia sampai paras pinggang dah.. umah aku kami punye dah clear… kami aku kami buat manual lagi tu..

P/S #2 : We have enough facilities, technologies. ‘Abuse‘ it to expend your knowledge, the way you think. Think outside the box

P/S #3 : Dapat project baru (project kerja.. bukan side project) Thanks to Bro

P/S #4 : Kalau harta sendiri boleh la declare & buat macam harta sendiri, tapi kalau kongsi, buat cara kongsi

P/S #5 : Anjing takut dengan bayang-bayang sendiri.. hahahha..

P/S #6 : Aku nak ushar rumah.. Area Nilai cun ke huh?

P/S #7 : Tengah compile Ubuntu ni.. ya.. Ubuntu.. bukan Gentoo.. nanti aku buat howto