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Development Release: Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 1 (Part 2)


In the previous Xanara’s post, Development Release: Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 1, I did mention that I’ll upload the ISO once the shutdown problem is solved.

[Visit Xanda – /dev/project]

Now the ISO has been uploaded to Xanda mirror page. Feel free to download it and please leave comment in discussion board.

Menyumbang Code kat Project Orang Lain


Sedang aku mecari-cari nama untuk projek web based password manager yang aku post dengan title “Another Open Source Project” tu.. Aku telah dijemput oleh founder sebuah projek untuk menyertai 1 projek yang kini sudahpun separuh jalan disiapkan. Projek tu pun merupakan sebuah projek web based password manager jugak tapi yang nie jauh lagi gempak dari apa yang aku plan nak buat la. Projek yang dimaksudkan ialah Clipperz.

[image source: clipperz.com]

Gempak gile aaa… Siap pakai zero-knowledge protocol lagi..

Setelah aku mendownload source code yang diberi, aku pun try la install kat hosting aku dan aku dapati yang installation script dia tak macam web application yang maju-maju sekarang nie la, jadinye… aku pun tulis la 1 installation script pakai PHP untuk meletakkan taraf clipperz setaraf dengan web application lain.

Script tu dah pun siap dan dah pun di-test. So aku submit la code tu kat submission page untuk projek tu. Jadinye sekarang… nantikan la kemunculan installation script clipperz yang baru… hahahah…

Dikesempatan ini, aku jugak nak ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua yang sudi menyumbang idea untuk nama kepada projek aku yang tak jadi nak buat tu…


Another Open Source Project


Have you use Password Manager before?

Last 2 days, I was looking for a password manager.. a web based password manager.. so that it can helps me to organize passwords when ever I’m connected to the internet.

Finally I’ve found W3PW, a web based password wallet manager written in PHP. Users have to enter their key phrase and the information will be encrypted using the key phrase and finally the encrypted information is stored in a MySql Database.

The latest version of the W3PW is 1.40 and the development was stop in April 2005. So, I’ve decided to fork the W3PW into a new project (atas nasihat nzuhdi).

I’ve been working on it for 2 hours and here are the changelogs :-

  • Installation script.
  • Provide GUI to hash (using SHA1) the key phrase before it is stored in the database.
  • Able to directly login to certain website without need to enter username and password over and over again.

But the biggest problem now is… I STILL DON’T HAVE NAME FOR THIS NEW PROJECT! Hahahahah..!

I hope you guys can come out with several suggestions for this new project’s name.

Thank you

Development Release: Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 1


Xanara Rescue CD is in Beta phase now.. Erm.. Overall, I can say that almost 96% of the Operating System part (my part) has been completed and 30% of the applications part (Farah’s part) has been done.

I haven’t upload the ISO yet for Xanara Rescue CD – Beta 1 due to some problem during HALT (shutdown). Enjoy the screenshots first. Hahaha..

Boot Menu

Gnome Splash Screen

Main Desktop

Gnome Menu has been replaced with MintMenu

Updating Anti virus defination

Shutdown Menu

Short Update Regarding Xanara Rescue CD


Casper gives me a lot of troubles. He removes ALL user settings that I’ve made in the home directory of the Live CD user. The Live-Linux’s pre-compiled kernel also brings me some problems with the modules. Recorrect it? SORRY! I prefer to start it all over again from SCRATCH.

Current progress? Erm.. I can say that Xanara Rescue CD (just for the OS part) is currently at 30% to 35% of overall progress. For now, I am upgrading the OLD packages and modules that were installed on the base operating system that is use as the base and it require me to download 165 files! Hahaha…